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Why should you get home tutors from New Friends Colony?

There is more than one factor for getting your child's home tuition in New Friends Colony, and what more than for the pros of where it is situated


To begin with, the New Place Colony is a great location. You will find the Fortis Hospital, metro station, food shops like Nathu Sweets and a McDonald, plenty of options for grocery shopping, movie theatres, retail shops, malls, ATMs, banks, markets, and even the Holy Family Hospital – all in a very reasonable distance from New Friends Colony. It is a very posh area with quickly connected roads to multiple directions. When it comes to Delhi, New Friends Colony is very peaceful and free of pollution. It provides you with an adequate amount of greenery, with the best facilities in the nearest locations. If you have a knack for art, then hands down, this is the exact place for you. You can take your child to the finest of restaurants after a quick visit to the art house.

New Friends Colony is a place you would love you to explore with your family after tuitions. At the same time, you can spend time in the innumerable number of places after you leave your child with your tutors.

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