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Here, we will discuss the two categories of coaching in the Safdarjung Development Area, and how to enrol.

2 categories of coaching

You will have the liberty to enjoy both online and offline courses of home tutoring. In our first category of coaching, which is for the lower grades, the students will receive general coaching classes. The teachers usually teach a group of students together. In this scheme, close attention is given to individual students by the tutors. The second category includes students of higher grades. This category is entirely online-based. The exclusive feature offered to the students belonging to this category is immediate online sessions exclusively for doubt clearance.

Enrolment Procedure

A simple process of signing up is required for the website. After signing up, you will be asked to choose your preferred tutor for home tuition in Safdarjung Development Area, along with one free demo class from your home tutor. If the demo class satisfies your needs, you can hire our tutor. A call for the academic counsellor will guide you through the online procedures for the second category.

All of these classes are taken by professionals.

About the instructors

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