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R Programming – A Quick View

R programming is a programming language that is utilized to analyze and manipulate data at the advanced level via the computer. It’s a software that been developed in theNew Zealand’s University of Auckland byRoss Ihaka and Robert Gentleman during the early 90s and its open-sourced programming language and software environment that works on platforms like the Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, and Windows.

How does it help?

Learning this programminglanguage can help you in securing a job in either of these positions as a machine learning engineer, data scientists, big data engineers, database developers, IT specialists, and many more such possibilities will be available.

If you wish to pursue this course and prosper in any of the fields mentioned above, then Rapidbooster, one of the best R programming institutes in Noida, that can help you acquire this skill and excel in it as well. With the availability of our excellent R course in Noida, you can build a career with a bright future.

Our institute provides the best R programming training in Noida, which will help you gain practical knowledge with hands-on experience. In turn it provides you with a strong base to excel in what you wish to do. We will not only teach you the basics of R programming but will also provide you with in-depth knowledge on R source code and functions, R data types, R studio, command lines and prompts, time-series analysis, linear and logistic regression, data frames, basic data, R objects, Fortran and CRAN code, read.table functions, assignment operators, normal distribution, generalized linear models, ANOVA, survival analysis, and many more.

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